Principle of seeking talent

Looking for people who share the same interests with our company.
Committed to the pursuit of the double happiness of the material and spirit of employees.

Talent development

We firmly believe that corporate talent is the most valuable resource for enterprises, and talent development is the key to the company's development. Therefore, attracting talents, cultivating talents, retaining talents, motivating talents, and achieving talents are the concepts of our human resources work. We continue to expand into new business areas, and strive to provide employees with greater development space, with clear and gradually improved promotion channels, good corporate culture, to provide employees with opportunities and space for sustainable development.

Training system
Talent is the most valuable resource for enterprises, and talent is the key to enterprise development. We provide our employees with adequate and equal training and promotion opportunities to help them grow and realize their value, so that employees can grow with the company.
Caring for employees
caring for employees as an important responsibility of the company, integrating into all aspects of the company's operations, striving for diversified training, providing a relatively comfortable environment, creating a working atmosphere of respect, trust and happiness, so that employees can work happily and live happily .
Salary and Welfare
We always attach importance to providing employees with competitive remuneration, putting employee welfare protection first, creating a healthy and safe working environment for employees, and promoting employee incentive policies in parallel with material incentives and non-material incentives, so that the strivers can get timely and reasonable return. We adopt a performance bonus system and an equity incentive system. The personal growth of employees is closely related to the company's operating status, the performance of the employees' departments, and the individual's performance contribution.
Career Planning
We continue to explore the direction and channels of employee career planning, delve into the needs of future talent development, learn new human resource management models, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.