PositionWorking placeNumber of recruitsRelease time
  • +New graduates (Mechanical cutting direction)Dongguan32019-11-25
    recruitment requirements
    1. Full-time Master's degree or above, mechanical and othe related majors;
    2. It is preferred to have a cutting principle or a drilling research direction;
    3. Have a positive personality, obey arrangements, and good logical thinking skills.
  • +New graduates (coating direction)Dongguan22019-11-25
    recruitment requirements
    1. Full-time Master's degree or above, materials, polymers, chemistry and other related majors;
    2. Coating research is preferred;
    3. Hard work, good communication skills, team spirit and obendience.
  • +Film material R&D managerDongguan22019-11-25
    recruitment requirements
    1. More than 30 years old, require full-time Bachelor degree or above, Chemical or polymer materials majors
    2. Experience in the development of optical film products such as FPC film and TP film, understanding material matching; or experience in epoxy resin or polymer resin development, understanding material matching;
    3. With material design experience, it is possible to coordinate the development of materials such as coatings according to technical requirements such as molecular polymerization;
    4. Experience in production technology experience is preferred.
  • +PCB Tool R&D engineer/ManagerDongguan12019-11-25
    recruitment requirements
    1. Require full-time college degree or above Mechanical related majors are preferred.
    2. Have experience in PCB router/drill bit industry at least 4 years, Professional technology for improving and optimizing PCB router/drill bit and process technology;
    3. Hard work, innovative spirit, self-management and challenge ability, can accept business trips;
  • +MES developmentDongguan12019-11-25
    recruitment requirements
    Need to working in Xinye county,Henan province or Dongguan city, Guangdong province,the cycle is about half a year.
    1.Experience of C# development more than 3 years, familiar with the knowledge of the NET. framework, proficient in using object-oriented development mode, proficient in C# development;
    2. Familiar with Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server database language, can write complex SQL statements,views,stored procedures and functions.
    3. Familiar with page development technology:HTML、Javascript、AJAX ect.familiar with DIV+CSS development mode, familiar with jQuery, VUE.JS;
    4.Familiar with common architectures such us ASP.NET platform,C# language and three-tier architecture, familiar with ASP.NET MVC、 WebApi、Entity Framework ORM;
    5.Have experience in the manufacturing industry, familiar with Infor MES or ERP and other system processes are preferred.
  • +PurchaserDongguan12019-11-25
    recruitment requirements
    1. With the experience of logistics and supply chain management, and be familiar with cost control and analysis capabilities.
    2. Familiar with the process flow and cost composition of the materials in charge.
    3. Familiar with supplier development, evaluation, assessment, ISO system operation.
  • +Technological service engineerDongguan22019-11-22
    recruitment requirements
    1. Fluent in spoken and written English (one of them is available);
    2. Outgoing, able to adapt to high frequencey and short term business trips, hard work.
    3. Have a certain understanding of the drilling parameters.