Automatic UV laser marking machine (online & offline)

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Automatic UV laser marking machine is a professional laser processing equipment that uses laser to engrave barcode and two-dimensional code graphics on FPC / CPB surface. It is mainly used in the field of FPC and flexible and rigid board. The two-dimensional code engraving traces the source, so that the product has good traceability, and improves the process management and quality management of enterprise products.

  • Imported UV laser, stable and reliable quality, simple operation and maintenance.
  • Traceability: A built-in production line serial number bar code tracking and collection system can be built in to integrate product serial numbers and flow direction consulting records in the database for quick query by on-site personnel or Shop Floor system.
  • Efficiency: high efficiency, no pollution
  • Low cost: no consumables. (Eliminates consumables such as inkjet printing, label printing, and labeling)