Double platform automatic pasting and reinforcing machine

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    Double platform automatic pasting and reinforcing machine is used to transfer the reinforcing materials such as stainless steel sheet/adhesive paper/FR4/PI in the form of coils through the mechanism transfer and scanning positioning of the CCD camera, and then the reinforcing sheet is heated and pasted to FPCB(flexible circuit board) products, so as to achieve high-efficiency and high-accuracy automated paste work.

  • Four heads and four feeding mechanisms: each side of left and right feeding system is equipped with a set of parallel dual feeding mechanism, which can perform four different materials at the same time.
  • High integration: Built-in robotic transfer module can realize automatic loading and unloading.
  • Prevent duplicate stickers: Detect the height of each lamination in real time through a high-precision grating ruler, so as to accurately determine abnormal situations such as re-attachment / missing attachment.